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Our Story

Bright Lights-Crossing Borders, Inc. a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization in Fort Lauderdale, FL created by our granddaughter when she was 15 years old who had lost her mother killed by a drunk driver. As a way of dealing with her mother’s death and a tribute to her, she wanted to shine a light of hope and help children who have lost their parents in death, abused, abandoned, and senior citizens who are alone to know that they are important and someone cares for them.  We started this organization to teach the young ones in our lives how important it is to give back to our community and to be a great role model and example for others.

Assistance is provided in our local community and abroad to abused, neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children and the elderly by providing them with some of their basic daily needs such as toiletries, clothing, food, etc.  We also assist families and individuals who have suffered a loss due to natural disasters, fires, pandemics, etc.

We assist high school students by allowing them to give back by assisting us with preparations for planned projects and they will be given community service hours which is required for high school graduation.

We hold fundraisers to purchase items such as: clothing, school supplies, toiletries, toys, and other personal items.

We also accept donations of clothing (new and used in good condition); new (toiletries, school supplies, toys, etc.).

We donate to schools, families, individuals, children’s home, senior citizens, various church youth programs and other youth programs. These programs provide children the opportunity to attend summer camp and other programs they wouldn’t have the chance otherwise.

During times of disasters such as hurricanes, fire, etc. we will provide aide to those who have suffered a loss as a result of these tragedies.